This is what I looked like around 1970. This is me at my wedding in 1981.
This is me at the Godless Americans' March on Washington in 2002. (photo courtesy Glenn Curry). This is about the most I've ever weighed. The following year I dropped over 60 lbs.
This is me in 2008, after having climbed the Hancocks in the White Mountains. (photo by Amy Wong)
This is me in 2010, appearing on the Colin McEnroe Show. (photo by Chion Wolf)
This is me in 2012, at the Boom Box Parade in Willimantic. (photo by Matt Taylor)
This is me in 2013, finishing the NE111 list. (photo by Melissa Lardiere)
This is me in 2015, with my granddaughters. (photo by George N. Himes III)
This is me in 2016, on Bondcliff. (photo by Al Hermsen)
This is me in 2019, on Grace Peak. (photo by Random Hiker)

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