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    These are all labeled "copyright 1996" or later because this is the first time they've been presented to the public, but they were really written at various times since the early 70s.

    I would recommend starting with either Sunday Afternoon, 126 Kisses, or A Diamond Found on Paradise, depending on what length you'd like.

    126 Kisses (58K)
    a summer romance in the 29th century
    The Captain (6K)
    based on a dream
    Clara (67K)
    my Carrollian story
    A Diamond Found on Paradise (182K)
    "It's vra, as the gladifers would say, it's fitting that I wear it, in fulfillment of its discovery's serendipity."
    This is the most recently written one here.
    The Feast of St. Valentine (8K)
    an odd one
    Glades (1K)
    based on a dream
    In the dream I was writing Glades. When I woke up I wrote down what I had written in the dream as accurately as I could.
    Sunday Afternoon (9K)
    possibly my favorite
    This was an unusual story in that I did not struggle with it. In less than a week it went from an image of a woman drinking tea on a rainy day to the finished work.
    Suspended Sentence (33K)
    an extensive rewrite of one of my earliest stories



    Gladiology is the study of gladifers, the dominant species in the galaxy in the setting of some fiction I am writing, and related subjects, including their language. The language section is the most complete.

    Historical Documents


    These are some of my poems, also written at various times since the early 70s.

    Black & Ice
    a moment which stayed with me
    Chains of Thought
    as they sometimes happen
    the current avatar of Venus
    Cheryl Again
    the sequel
    I Am, You Know, She Said
    a simple one
    Two Planets
    Jupiter and Venus
    We All Like to See Her Smile
    probably my favorite

    The Raisinbread Webspace

    Raisinbread is a novel I am currently writing, set in the year 2260. The Raisinbread Webspace is a hypertext guide to the setting of the novel. It does not have any of the plot in it, but descriptions of the people, nations, religions, etc. of the time.


    These are some VRML worlds I've created. You'll need a VRML capable browser to look at them. These were created using software tools from Cadkey which I helped write. Specifically I used version 7.5 of the Advanced Modeler, which was completed in June 1996 but never released, and a prototype version of SiteSculptor, a VRML authoring tool which was being developed by Cadkey and is now being developed by Sculptware, a company I helped found. The icosahedroid is untouched output from the AM (via Picture It). The geometry of the chess pieces are also from the AM, but the file was hacked to make it more efficient. The hill was created using both the AM and SiteSculptor, and the lots and lake using SiteSculptor. The hill and lots were further hacked to mimic features which were in the release of SiteSculptor, but which were not yet implemented when I made the models. The lake is untouched output from SiteSculptor.

    These are all VRML 1.0 models. VRML 2.0 models are, in theory at least, forthcoming.

    an icosahedroid
    a chess position
    This is from Takagi-Himes, 2 Nov. 1994, right after I took his pawn on d4. I won a brilliancy prize for this game.
    a hill
    a lot for New George Town
    New George Town was a zone in Terra Vista, a Virtual Community which is now defunct.
    a pavilion
    This is a more elaborate version of the lot. It contains links to most of the other models. It's the most elegant model here.
    a lake


    The Greater Hartford Chess Club

    I had taken over the directorship of The Greater Hartford Chess Club from Dave Aldi before its demise, but it's no longer with us.

    The Official Rules of Arlington

    Arlington is a card game which I invented. Here are the official rules.

    The Rules of Oh Hell

    Oh Hell is a card game I've played quite a bit of. It's a very good game in spite of its stupid name. These are the rules as played by the Pratt & Whitney East Hartford Cafeteria Card Players' Club.



    Ginevra di Benci
    as portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci
    Irenis Concepcion
    my granddaughter
    Isabella Concepcion
    my other granddaughter
    Two Himeses, two Hickman-Himeses, a Cook, and four Concepcions
    my family
    Dennis Paul Himes
    Heather Nova
    and a dead tree
    Nina Paley
    self portrait
    Mary Kay Place
    as Loretta Haggers


    Friends and Relatives

    I really have more friends than this (and more relatives). They just don't have homepages.

    the late Basil
    who was really more of a dog than a person
    the late Charlie Cook
    my father-in-law -- This is my daughter's eulogy for him.
    Jacinda Harold
    my niece
    Sara Hickman
    my daughter-in-law


    I don't know these people. They just have cool homepages. (NB: There are also a lot of blogs I follow below. These are more general personal pages, like the one you're reading.)

    Mark Rosenfelder
    the creator of Verduria and the Language Construction Kit
    Justin B. Rye
    the chronophysicist and xenolinguist


    Sites I Visit Every Day (Or At Least Several Times a Week)

    There're other sites I end up visiting that often, but these are the ones I make a point to.


    This would be an ordinary comic except that the setting in general, and the character of Florence Ambrose in particular, are very well thought out.
    John Allison's current comic
    whatever he's calling the latest variation
    Prince Valiant
    I no longer get a newspaper which carries it.
    Questionable Content
    Sluggy Freelance
    satire and complex plots in a daily gag format
    Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    by the guy who did Bruno and Anna Galactic
    pushing the limit as to how high the ratio of writing quality to artistic quality can go in a comic


    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    from NASA
    The Cloud Appreciation Society
    Look up and marvel.
    Linda's Lens
    Oregonian hiker/skier/runner
    Naturally Curious
    Mary Holland's nature photography

    Journals and Blogs

    Butterflies and Wheels
    Ophelia Benson
    Callie Hikes
    Missouri hiker
    Carrot Quinn
    dispatches from the wild
    Fun Size
    Green Mountain Club Blog
    written by various people at the GMC
    Jan's Jaunts and Jabberings
    Western hiker and photographer
    Jill Outside
    Jill Homer, seeking the edge of livability and peering out into the void
    Kelly Floro
    Ibex, at the Trek
    Lakewood's Wanderings and Scribbles
    Language Log
    a multi-linguist blog
    Maryam Namazie
    Iranian-British Atheist activist
    Mountain Wandering
    Steve Smith, co-editor of the AMC White Mtn. guide and the guy who owns the mountain wanderer in Lincoln
    The Mountains Are Calling (Mary Emerick)
    western hiker
    Moving Mountains
    Mary Poppins
    Nina Paley
    the cartoonist behind Nina's Adventures and Sita Sings the Blues
    Ramblings, Journeys, and Photos
    Quincy Koetz
    California hiker
    Richard Carrier's Blog
    the classicist
    the relentless pursuit of adventure, on Thursdays
    Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
    Laurie Hopkins, who writes the best web journal I've ever come across (which is unfortunately dormant)
    Smoky Scout's Hiking Adventures
    Smoky Mountain hiker
    Sarah Boomer's trip reports
    Tomcat's Outdoor Adventures
    New York hiker
    Walking with Friends Down Under
    hiking in the opposite season
    Zompist's E-Z rant page
    Mark Rosenfelder


    Agadmator's Chess Channel
    game analysis
    Audrey Adventures
    Colorado hiker Glowstick
    Beau Miles
    who's kind of hard to classify
    Brendan Leonard
    the Semi-rad guy
    Callie Hikes
    Missouri hiker
    Elle Cordova
    humor, mostly -- This is the artist formerly known as Reina del Cid.
    Evan's Backpacking
    tentless, stoveless, shoeless backpacker
    Hiking Dancer
    Germany/Florida hiker Roadrunner
    Spanish language learning for English speakers
    Liz Kidder
    New Hampshire hiker Handstand
    Seth's New England Trails
    Rhode Island hiker Rhody Seth
    xkcd's What If?
    What if, indeed?
    The Charismatic Voice, Elle Cordova and Toni Lindgren, Kris Delmhorst, Sarah Jarosz, Morgan James, Larkin Poe, Heather Nova, Otyken, and Hildegard von Blingin'
    various music channels
    American Ballet Theatre, City Ballet, and Royal Ballet
    various ballet channels


    analysis, especially of polls
    The New York Times
    which has deteriorated less than many other papers in recent years
    The Onion
    America's finest news source

    Hiking Fora

    for people whose idea of fun is lugging weights up hills over uneven ground
    Views from the Top
    mostly New England


    Ballet Alert
    discussion of all things ballet
    Connecticut Museum Quest
    I read all of the hiking entries, and many of the others.
    Latin Discussion
    as in discussion of the Latin language
    Mathematicians of the Day
    from the MacTutor History of Mathematics site
    Mental Floss
    lots of neat stuff
    NERFC Snow Page
    the state of snow in the Northeast
    The Theorem of the Day
    by Robin Whitty

    Reference Resources

    my browser bookmarks, basically -- This is what Mosaic calls a "hotlist" and what IE calls "favorites".
    my current favorite sitefinder
    Internet FAQ Consortium
    Usenet FAQs
    Internet Movie Database
    who did what in which movie
    mathematical references from Wolfram Research
    Merriam-Webster OnLine
    the dictionary
    a comprehensive guide to writing systems
    On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
    what it says
    Prime Factorization Calculator
    also what it says
    The Weather Underground
    a meteorlogical site, not a political one

    Links Which Don't Fit Anywhere Else on This Page

    The 48 Summits
    This is the coolest picture gallery I've seen. It inspired a similar one of my own.
    American Atheists
    Atheist activism
    Connecticut Valley Atheists
    Imagine no religion.
    A Guide To SF Chronophysics
    analyses of the hidden assumptions in time travel stories
    Kris Delmhorst
    the best songwriter since Dylan
    Project Gutenberg
    public domain literature
    Trail Journals
    This might be my favorite site on the World Wide Web.
    Verity Stob
    her Register columns
    the best text editor



    The Tenniel illustrations are in the public domain. The rest of this page is copyright © 1996-2024 Dennis Paul Himes