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The Gladilatian Language

Gladilatian is the language of the gladifers, the dominant species in the galaxy in the setting of some fiction I am writing. I also have webpages dedicated to the gladifers' appearance and their life cycle and families.


When gladifers first established contact with humanity in the twenty-fourth century they were amazed to discover that we had thousands of living languages. Until then no species had been discovered with more than a couple hundred. Gladifers themselves are at the opposite extreme. There are seven gladifer languages which are still in use. One of these, Gladilatian Prime, or just Gladilatian, is the mother tongue of more than 90% of all gladifers, and is the subject of this webspace. Of the other six, three are closely related to Gladilatian, two are closely related to each other and more distantly to Gladilatian, and one is an isolate.

A note on English terminology: "Gladifer" refers to a sentient being, both as an adjective and a noun. "Gladilatia" is a noun which refers to the gladifers' home planet. The corresponding adjective is "Gladilatian". "Gladilatian" also refers to the language, both as an adjective and a noun.


New in the Gladilatian pages

7 July 2001: some more vocabulary. Actually, I've been updating the vocabulary off and on for a while without always noting it here.

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