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The University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Master of Arts in Mathematics
September 1977 - August 1978

The University of Connecticut

Storrs, Connecticut
Bachelor of Arts cum laude in Mathematics
January 1973 - December 1976


Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation - East Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut
Computer Scientist
consultant: September 2000 - March 2001; employee: April 2001 - present

At CSC, first as a consultant and then as an employee, I have been working on the UTC account, both for Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand. For the first year and a half, I ported an inhouse data visualization product from Unix to NT. This was done in Visual C++. It was not a straight port; the user interaction was rewritten using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). Since then I have worked on several projects, porting, writing, and supporting add-ons to the Unigraphics CAD system or the Iman product data management system. These projects used a variety of languages, C, C++, Fortran, Perl, and Java, often several in the same project.

Sculptware, LLC

Hartford, Connecticut
Vice President for Product Development
November 1996 - present (actively until August 2000, except when employed at Linksoft)

Sculptware is a company I helped found. Our first accomplishment was to finish development on the VRML authoring tool SiteSculptor, and bring it to market.

After that we developed software on a consulting basis. I did this full time from May 1999 until March 2001, mostly on a CAD application for CAE Solutions and then on work for Computer Sciences Corporation which became the job listed above. Both of these projects were developed using Visual C++.

Linksoft Technologies, Inc.

Middletown, Connecticut
Senior Software Engineer
September 1997 - April 1999

At Linksoft I used Visual C++ to create the SmartScan product, which analyses databases of medical records and generates weight files for use in applying the Fellegi-Sunter method of probabilistic record linkage.

Cadkey, Inc.

Windsor, Connecticut
July 1988 - October 1996

At Cadkey I worked designing, coding, maintaining, and documenting enhancements to the Cadkey product, as well as maintaining existing code. I worked on many different parts of the product, concentrating on geometric transformation, trimming, and support for dynamically loaded libraries, but including such things as drafting. When I joined Cadkey the product was a DOS and Unix based C product, and I was involved in the transitions to the various Windows platforms and to C++, including the reworking of the GUI into an MFC application.

For the last several years I worked mostly on the Advanced Modeler, the surface/solid modeling product. The Advanced Modeler, written as a DLL which combines the Shapes Geometry Engine from Xox, Inc. with Cadkey's graphics, drafting, and transformation code, was almost entirely written by myself and one other programmer, with my emphasis being on the math intensive functionality. Near the end of my employment there I was on the team developing SiteSculptor, a VRML authoring tool.

Packaged Communications Technology, Inc.

West Hartford, Connecticut
Project Manager
October 1985 - July 1988
At PCT I was a responsible for the 3D CAD software, which was written in Fortran and ran on DOS. In addition to maintaining existing code I was responsible for designing, coding, and documenting enhancements. These enhancements included the development, from scratch, of a surface modeling package.

Gerber Systems Technology, Inc.

South Windsor, Connecticut
September 1980 - October 1985
Programmer / Analyst

At GST I designed, coded, documented, and maintained 3D CAD software. I started out as the chief programmer for the finite element modeling project. I then spent several years working on various projects for the 3D wireframe and surface packages. In 1984 I was promoted to Project Leader and put in charge of the 3D pattern library project. This software was written in Fortran on HP minicomputers, at first using HP's RTE OS, and later HP Unix.


I am fluent in C and C++, with extensive MFC experience. I also have coded in Fortran, and have some knowledge of HTML, Java, and Perl.


I am very familiar with DOS, Windows, Windows 95/98, and Windows NT. I also have experience with various flavors of Unix.