copyright © 1996 Dennis Paul Himes

Two Planets


Jupiter indifferent to the city's light shines on as before
A false star a star a planet a failed sun
Makes no difference to me
Striped sphere this many miles diameter red splotch this many miles long
I find hard to believe and besides rational numbers have long since failed to impress me
Iuppiter god of the heavens makes a lot more sense
But regardless
Jupiter is Jupiter a nice touch to the winter sky


You never can control a son
Who knows he'll never die
You never can control a son
When you see no reason why

His arrow digs into my bone
The gold shaft shining through
I pull it out and melt it down
And offer it to you

One sight always makes me cry
One I always see
Venus in the evening sky
Looking down at me

- Dennis Paul Himes