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The Raisinbread Webspace

Raisinbread is a novel I am currently writing, set in the year 2260. The Raisinbread Webspace is a hypertext guide to the setting of the novel. It does not have any of the plot in it, but descriptions of the people, nations, religions, etc. of the time.

The Raisinbread Webspace is still very much under construction, even compared to the unfinished state of the novel.

A few notes

The Concult Posts

I am a member of the Constructed Culture Mailing List. As such I have made a number of posts dealing with the cultures of the setting of Raisinbread. These should really be sorted out and put into the various pages listed below. However, until I get around to doing that I've put them on their own page.

Major sections

Here is a VRS version of this page.

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