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Celestial Standard Time Format

Dates and times were written in the Celestial Republic using the format YYYY/MMDD/hhmm/sscc, where

YYYY is the year
MM is the month
DD is the day
hh is the hour (00 to 23)
mm is the minute
ss is the second
cc is the hundredths of a second

When only giving some of these data any slashes to the right of the missing digits would be left off, but not ones to the left. E.g. a date with no year or time would look like /0716, and a time of day by itself would be //1617. (In informal use this rule was not strictly followed.)

Times of day by themselves were also sometimes written in the hh:mm format, although always using the 24 hour format. Most Celestials wouldn't know what a.m. and p.m. meant.

CR Status

The Celestial Republic assigns a two letter status to every intelligence it deals with. The first letter reflects age (more or less) and the second the intelligence's relation with the Republic. One's status has legal ramifications, and is prominently displayed on a resident's nuntive.

These are the possibilities for the first letter. The ages listed apply to humans.

E embryo - conception to three months later
F fetus - three months after conception to birth
I infant - birth to third birthday
J juvenile - third birthday to fourteenth birthday
M minor - fourteenth birthday to eightteenth birthday
A adult - eightteenth birthday to death
D dead - starting at death, whatever the age

These are the possibilities for the second letter.

C citizen - citizen of the Celestial Republic
R resident - foreigner with permanent residency status
D diplomat - foreigner with diplomatic status
F foreigner - other foreigner
M machine - artificial intelligence - The age code is I, J, or D, depending on the level of intelligence and whether it is still functioning. Machines are never assigned the M or A age status.
A animal - nonhuman animal - The age code is E, F, I, J, or D, depending on both the age and species of the animal. Animals are never assigned the M or A age status.

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