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Commentary on In Good We Trust

Text in normal font is commentary on my essay In Good We Trust. Responses by me to that commentary are in italics.

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  • My Mom, in disagreement

  • From: Rose Marie Himes
    Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 21:03:53 -0400

    As your Mother I must say I disagree with your last statement. I did not expect my children to abandon the religious teaching when they matured. It was a shock.

    I see no contradiction between belief in God and living a moral life. I must confess I am quite angry at many of the "rules" the men at the Vatican laid down but the basic teachings of Christ are a good guide. I think I am a very moral and honest person but I could never be an Atheist.

    I never claimed there was a contradiction between belief in God and living a moral life. In fact, I say that most believers "base their moral system on absolute principles like justice and equality".

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