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The contents of this page are preliminary. They won't become canonical until the first version of the Tale of Tifa Walbatnuwa Siina is up. - DPH

The Planet Umuto

Umuto is an Earth-like planet mostly covered in water. Such land as there is mostly consists of two groups, an archipelago stretching from one polar region to the other in a mostly NNE-SSW direction, called the SSildifian Archipelago, and a large island named Naadad, along with a few close-by neighboring islands.

Umuto has three moons. The near one's apparent size is about two thirds of Luna's as seen from Earth, the middle moon's is about one third, and the far moon is a bright point.

Here are some astronomical data about Umuto. All figures relative to Sol/Earth/Luna unless specified otherwise.

mass 1.180953839
luminosity 1.78982
diameter 1.13097
apparent brightness 1.06888

dist. from sun 1.29403
radius .94959
radius 3763.6961 miles
circumference 23648 miles
year 1.35456
year 494.75304 Terrestrial days
year 427.57665 native days
day 27.77063 hours
density .91858
mass .78654
gravity .87227

distance .74801
orbital period .64694
phase period 18.17616 Terrestrial days
phase period 15.70824 native days

distance 1.38303
orbital period 1.62648
phase period 48.38855 Terrestrial days
phase period 41.81847 native days

distance 3.8111
orbital period 7.44004
phase period 340.31085 Terrestrial days
phase period 294.10425 native days

near/middle 25.15852483 native days